Watch: The Garden release music video for ‘Thy Mission’ with Mac DeMarco making a devilish appearance

The Gardens worked with Demarco to complete their mission

American duo The Garden have just released a new music video for their single “Thy Mission.”

The video features Canadian singer-songwriter, Mac DeMarco, who plays the devil. The music video was directed by Nadia Lee Cohen and Charlie Denis, and it centers on a bizarre talk show called the Vada Vada Show. The show is actually named after The Garden’s “vada vada” philosophy of total freedom and expression. The host is a devil, which is played by DeMarco, who surprises all once he reveals himself.

The track, “Thy Mission,” was initially supposed to a demo for a future album, however, the duo decided to send the track to DeMarco, which then led the trio to work on the song and complete it together.

Watch The Garden music video for “Thy Mission” below.