Watch the Inspiring Story of SKETCH Community Artist Oddane Taylor

Experience the journey of Oddane as he records his cover of the song “Hero” from the Oscar-nominated film Boyhood.

Last month the Indie88 announcers had a chance to tour the beautiful, sprawling space that SKETCH inhabits on Shaw street. We had all been for a tour last year while the space was still a blur of construction and potential so it was shocking to see its transformation. Gone were the hard hats and raw concrete, replaced by a vibrant workspace for painters, designers, sculptors, cooks and musicians. The greatest transformations at SKETCH however, take place in the lives of the street-affected youth that they work with.

We also had the opportunity to meet a young man named Oddane Taylor who played us some of his demos and shared his incredible story. It was clear upon meeting Oddane that this guy was driven and SKETCH had completely turned his life around. This video shares his story and while the song claims that he “doesn’t want to be your hero” I think being a hero to other young people will be an inescapable byproduct of his inspiring tale.

If you want to be someone’s hero you can donate to SKETCH and learn more here.