Watch: The Killers perform cover of The Alarm’s ‘Rain In The Summertime’

Lead singer of The Alarm Mike Peters watches in surprise

The Killers performed at Cardiff Castle in Wales last night, where they paid tribute to Welsh band The Alarm with a surprise cover of “Rain in the Summertime.”

The Alarm frontman Mike Peters just so happened to be in the audience, and he was just as surprised as everyone else. “Somebody had stopped me a for a photo when they started playing ‘Rain In The Summertime,’ so I didn’t quite clock it at first then everybody was looking at me and cheering, then they all joined in singing, I think they had enough on their plate, so for them to play an Alarm song was incredible,” Peters explained to Wales Online. “It was such a surreal moment.”

Watch the Killers’ performance of “Rain in the Summertime” below.