Watch: The Kurt Cobain Conspiracy DocuDrama Releases Trailer

Soaked in Bleach explores the theory that Courtney Love organized the Nirvana frontman's death

Hot off the heels of the release of Montage of Heck, a new documentary that focuses on the conspiracy theory that Kurt Cobain’s death was organized by his wife, Courtney Love, has released a trailer.

The docu-drama’s name comes from a lyric in Nirvana’s track “Come As You Are,” and will be released June 11. The cast includes Tyler Bryan portraying Cobain, Sarah Scott playing Love, and Daniel Roebuck (aka Dr. Arzt from Lost) as Tom Grant, the private detective who says Love hired him to find her husband just before his 1994 death. The actor’s re-enactments will be accompanied by interviews with the real life Grant, attorney Rosemary Carroll, and others.

Check out the trailer below: