Watch: The Lumineers perform ‘Gloria,’ ‘Life in the City,’ ‘Donna,’ and ‘Cleopatra’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

'III' is set for release on September 13

The Lumineers recently took to the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they showcased a handful of tracks from their forthcoming album, III. The performance saw the folk pop band perform “Life in the City,” “Gloria,” “Donna,” and 2016’s “Cleopatra.”

Two of the performances, “Life in the City” and “Gloria,” aired on Kimmel, while the other two tracks were released as an online exclusive. The off-air performances were just as emphatic and powerful as the on-air tracks, as the band bounced along to their dynamic, emotive tunes.

Watch The Lumineers perform on Kimmel below.

III is set for release on September 13.
Lead photo courtesy of Danny Clinch.