Watch: The New Pornographers debut “Dancehall Domaine”

Listen to the fun upbeat rock track from The New Pornographers

In a secret Vancouver show for CBC Music, The New Pornographers debuted a new track they’re calling “Dancehall Domaine”. The track is coming off the upcoming album Brill Bruisers out on August 26.

Before playing the new track though, frontman A.C Newman spoke about finally achieving the sound they’ve been looking for. Commenting on the unison of the group, he says:

“I think the voices melded together much more seamlessly than ever before. I think this record is closest to what I always wanted us to be, where it doesn’t really matter who’s singing,” He added. “I never wanted us to be a band where we were taking turns singing.”

Listen to “Dancehall Domaine” down below and let us know what you think.