Watch: The OBGMs share video for new track ‘Fight Song,’ announce new album ‘The Ends’

'The Ends' is set for release on October 30

Toronto punk trio The OBGMs are gearing up for the release of their new album The Ends, which is set for release on October 30th. Today, they’ve shared a video for their new single “Fight Song.”

“You ever sitting in your 9-5 and someone talking reckless and you really want to punch them in their head top?” Vocalist/guitarist Deensil McFarlane asks. “You ever get that passive aggressive email from that disrespectful person and you want to walk to their cubicle and tell them about their mom? I wrote this song so I wouldn’t have to hold my tongue. We want the smoke. All of it. You don’t like us, fight me, or get the hell out of the way. You can’t stop us, this is how we die.”

Watch the video for “Fight Song” and check out the tracklist for The Ends below.

The Ends Tracklist:

01 – “Outsah”
02 – “Cash”
03 – “All My Friends”
04 – “Fight Song”
05 – “Not Again”
06 – “Triggered”
07 – “WTFRU”
08 – “Karen O’s”
09 – “To Death”
10 – “Move On”