Watch: ‘The Office’ cast reunite to recreate Jim and Pam’s wedding dance

Krasinski hosted a wedding for two big fans of the show

John Krasinski threw his very own Zoom wedding on Sunday’s episode of Some Good News, and it featured the entire cast of The Office.

Two major fans of The Office, Susan and John from Maryland, had reached out to Krasinski to inform them that they had recreated his character Jim’s proposal to Pam (Jenna Fisher), proposing outside of a gas station. “He got down on one knee and, just like Jim, he was like ‘I can’t wait any longer,'” Susan explains.

The actor went on to tell the couple that he had been ordained so that he could throw them their very own Zoom wedding, with their parents and wedding party. Fisher even plays the role of Susan’s Maid of Honour, and eventually the full cast broke into Jim and Pam’s wedding dance from their respective home.

Watch the video in full below.