Watch: ‘The Office’ shares never-before-seen ‘Matrix’ prank from finale

A previously unreleased cold open from the series finale

On New Year’s Eve, The Office switched from Netflix to NBC’s new streaming platform, Peacock. In celebration of the move, NBC has released a never-before-seen cold open from the series’ finale, which sees Jim and Pam pulling a ridiculous prank on Dwight one last time.

The nearly five minute clip sees Jim and Pam tricking Dwight into thinking he’s living in The Matrix. From seeing the same cat run by twice to two mysterious men in sunglasses showing up at the Dunder Mifflin office, Dwight falls for the prank wholeheartedly. The clips of the prank come accompanied by audio of Jim and Pam breaking down how they pulled off the scheme.

The new seen marks just one of several bonus features that Peacock plans to roll out.

Watch the previously unreleased cold open below.