Watch: the Pixies pay tribute to friend in new video for ‘Long Rider’

Lenchantin developed the video’s storyline based on the song's lyrics

The Pixies pay tribute to a friend of bass guitarist and vocalist Paz Lenchantin named Desiree, who died while surfing, in their new video for “Long Rider.”

The track was co-written by Lenchantin and Black Francis and the accompanying clip was directed by Gilbert Trejo. “Long Rider” has lyrics that refer to Desiree’s tragic death in the morning tide. Lenchantin developed the video’s storyline based on the song’s lyrics. “It was almost as if Desiree had this dream before she went surfing that morning,” Lenchantin explains in a statement. “And hints at that even if she had known her fate, she would still have taken that wave”.

In the video, pro-surfer Danica Elbertse is seen riding waves at Will Rogers State Beach in Southern California, as a group of small children dressed in black robes hold hands and form a circle around the surfboard, paying tribute to the fallen surfer. The video was shot in 16mm and switches between the monochrome and color scenes.

Watch the video for “Long Rider” below.