Watch: The Rare Occasions share retro video for new track ‘Call Me When You Get There’

Their debut album 'Big Whoop' arrives on June 18

Indie rockers The Rare Occasions are readying the release of Big Whoop on June 18th, and today they’ve have shared a video for their second single, “Call Me When You Get There.”

The new track is a power pop anthem that sees The Rare Occasions singing about picking someone up from the airport after you’ve been missing them for a long time.

The accompanying 90’s-style video is just as fun-loving as the tune, with colourful, fun-loving shots of the band performing along to the track.

Watch the video for “Call Me When You Get There” below.

“So much of this album was born out of struggle which forced us out of our comfort zones and to think beyond our own barriers,” The Rare Occasions explain. “After the departure of our guitarist, Peter, we knew we. had more to give the world. This process pushed us to broaden our approach to songwriting, arranging and production. We had released a couple of preliminary singles and then the pandemic hit which halted everything for months. This forced us to step back again, refine what we had created, and expand our new sound even further.”

Big Whoop Tracklist:

01 – “Alone”
02 – “Bolts”
03 – “Control”
04 – “Stay”
05 – “Origami”
06 – “Sparrow”
07 – “Call Me When You Get There”
08 – “The American Way”
09 – “Do Not Do Drugs”
10 – “Cynical”
11 – “Set It Right”
12 – “The Fold”