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Watch: The trailer for Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Honey Boy’ explores what it’s like to be a child star

Shia LaBeouf has faced his inner demons on and off the screen in the creation of his new film, Honey Boy.

Directed by Alma Har’el, the film focuses on a young actor restoring his relationship with his father after surviving an intense childhood. The trailer follows Otis Lort, a young fictionalized version of LaBeouf, played by Noah Jupe, who faces family turmoil and growing up in the spotlight as a child actor with his father, played by Shia LaBeouf, who is a former rodeo clown and felon.

Eventually, the clip flashes forward to Otis as an adult actor who winds up struggling with his career and finding himself drunk and in the back of a police car. The film plays on both roles of a young and adult version of Otis, following his struggle with self-worth.

Check out the trailer for Honey Boy below!

Honey Boy is expected to release in theatres on November 8th

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