Watch: The trailer for the new ‘Stanger Things’ comic book prequel centers on a psychic teen

Meet Francine, the psychic test subject at Hawkins laboratory.

Calling all Strangers Things fans, Darkhorse is set to release the first-ever Stranger Things prequel comic series.

The series will be written by Jody Houser with artwork from Edgar Salazar. Houser is no stranger to the series as she previously worked on the first comic for Stanger Things from Will’s perspective. Titled Stranger Things: Six, the series will be a four-issue collection that takes place in 1978, prior to the events of the first season. The prequel follows the story of Francine, a fellow test subject just like Eleven, who is taken in by Dr. Brenner and the Hawkins Laboratory.

Francine is a teenage girl with precognitive abilities, who struggles with the exploitation of her abilities and ends up in a government agency that wants to harness and control her powers.

Watch the trailer for Stranger Things: Six below.

The first issue is set to release on May 29th, and Stranger Things season three premieres on July 4th on Netflix.