Watch: The TTC was way too overcrowded this morning because of the Extreme Cold Weather delays

A claustrophobe's nightmare

Today is supposed to be the coldest day of the year, with temperatures feeling as low as -35°C with the wind chill. Of course, the TTC is hurting because of this, and they even announced this morning that the outrageously cold temperatures had an impact on their equipment, but nothing could have prepared commuters for this.

Since the beginning of the morning rush, TTC users have been plastering videos and pictures of mass overcrowded trains, platforms, and bus stops across social media. Allegedly, several trains have been at capacity entirely, forcing them to skip stations because they couldn’t fit anymore, with transfer stations like Bloor-Yonge and St. George being the most hectic of all.

Check out some videos and pictures of the crowd below.

Lead photo courtesy of @ArnaldoAndres on Twitter.