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Watch: The Zolas share lyric video for new track ‘Wreck Beach/Totem Park’

The Zolas have shared their final Wong Kar-Wai-inspired lyric video for their new track “Wreck Beach/Totem Park.”

The new track marks the final installation of their Z Day of Summer series, which has seen a new release from the band each month.

“‘Wreck Beach/Totem Park’ is about living my whole life beside the Musqueam reserve, never being taught nor thinking to ask why they live quietly in a small corner of a land that used to be all theirs,” The Zolas explain. “In the last five to ten years, like most people, I started hearing a lot of voices about our country’s history from an Indigenous point of view.”

Watch the video for “Wreck Beach/Totem Park” below.

“I have so many beautiful memories of growing up where I did, and this song is about the process of my eyes opening and realizing in horror that all of that was set over a foundation of (shockingly recent) genocide,” The Zolas continue. “It is a reflection on how all my funniest, sweetest nostalgia is in many ways the spoils of colonization.”

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