Watch these parents scare the hell out of their kids with the new Snapchat Filters

The new Snapchat filters are not kid-friendly

Ever since Snapchat released their recent update that mixes special effects with facial recognition, the world has become a slightly scarier place.

Seeing yourself as a zombie/monster on the app can be a bit jarring the first couple times, but as fully grown adults you try your best to save face in front of your friends, laughing it off as “creepy”.

While I am not a parent, and I don’t know much or anything about being one, my general idea of parenthood is trying your best to not scare the shit out of your kids. Though I can imagine if I had a little person running around my house screaming and peeing themselves, surely once in a while I’d like to blow off some steam. That’s why these brilliant parents took it upon themselves to test the new Snapchat features on their kids and gauge their reaction.

Check out the hilarious videos down below.

Please stop scaring the kids…. ?

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Yall gotta stop scaring the babies with #snapchat… Lol

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Snapchat didn't update for this ?

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