Watch This Good Boy Doggo Dodge Falling Branches in a Toronto Backyard

Who's a good boy? Sprocket's a good boy

An April ice storm wreaked havoc on Toronto over the weekend and through Monday morning, causing branches, trees, and hydro poles to fall all over the city. Falling ice from the CN Tower even led to the first ever weather-related postponement of a Toronto Blue Jays game Monday night. While injury reports appear to be minimal, one video of a quick-thinking dog and its owner shows just how close of call a falling branch turned out to be.

Sprocket, an East York doggo, was out enjoying the elements in his backyard when his owner Ben Lucier heard a crack and called for his good boy. In a video that surfaced Monday night, Sprocket can be seen darting from the yard seconds before a large tree branch hits the lawn.

“All of a sudden, I heard this really loud crack,” Lucier told the Toronto Star. “I just dropped to my knees and called, ‘Come on, come on, come on, hurry up.’ As soon as the crack went, she was running toward me.”

Wow, good work everyone.

Image via Flickr/m01229