Watch This Man Drop a $50,000 Bottle Of Champagne

This hurts

There’s something so enjoyable when watching lavish displays of wealth go horribly wrong, but this is just too much.

In a cringe-worthy video shared on YouTube, a man can be seen dropping a magnum of champagne valued at £30,000 (roughly $52,000 CAD) on the club floor in Ibiza. As he tries to pop the cork while standing awkwardly in front of the crowd, the clubber loses control of the bottle, slipping out of his hands and smashing on the ground and spraying everywhere.

As much as it’s fun to see someone lose their gigantic waste of money, when the value costs more than your yearly salary, it’s incredibly painful to watch.

It’s really the perfect analogy for life: spend all the money on the world trying to impress everyone, but in the end it will probably just explode in front of everyone and cover you in your failure.