Watch this Video Tribute to Trinity Bellwoods Park

'Trinity's a good place to get drunk, even though alcohol is prohibited'

During the summer months, Trinity Bellwoods is alive and buzzing with west-enders looking to catch some rays and maybe throw back a drink or two. The park’s reputation inspired this YouTube user by the name of Colton David to create what the caption describes as “ode to Trinity Bellwoods, my favourite park in Toronto.”

In this rather poetic video entitled Sending Out a Major Love, David reminisces on the good times while taking his viewers on a tour of the park’s most iconic monuments, including a tree with the words “My Name is Bobby” sprayed across its trunk. While bouncing between shots of signs that read “This Is Neptune” and “Alcohol Consumption Prohibited,” David narrates his appreciation and love for the Toronto park. Watch the video below.

Feature photo courtesy of AirFlight Services via Facebook.