Watch: Thom York performs “High and Dry” pre-Radiohead

A blast from Thom Yorke's past

Believe it or not, Thom Yorke used to dabble in the U.K. punk rock scene before his days in Radiohead. In the late 1980’s, his group the Headless Chickens (not the group from New Zealand by the same name) had mild success in Exeter, where the band was located. Though he eventually left the group to form Radiohead 1991, Yorke had been writing for the new band long before then.

Today, a video emerged of a 20 year-old Yorke playing with the Headless Chickens, performing his what would be massive hit “High and Dry”. It’s a lot faster and a lot…funkier. It was the 80’s, so what can you expect.

Check it out above.

Exter, England punk scene in the late 1980s