Watch: Thom Yorke performs, shares hour-long mix on BBC Radio 6

He performs three songs from the recently released 'Suspiria' soundtrack

Thom Yorke recently appears on BBC Radio 6 where he performed three eerie tracks from the Suspiria soundtrack and shared an hour-long mix featuring James Blake, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Szun Waves. You can check out the mix here.

He performed the powerful tracks “Open Again,” “Suspirium,” and “Unmade” on the show as he spoke about the influences for the album. In the interview, he discussed working with his son and daughter on the soundtrack, as well as where his influences came from.

Watch the performance and listen to the interview below.

“It was fun to have an excuse to throw myself at stuff I wouldn’t usually throw myself at, like Stockhausen, Pierre Henry, all that sort of thing,” Yorke explains. “Music that’s assembled from other pieces, and really understand it more, identify with it more, because it’s a different medium, it’s a different process, and it sends you to an extraordinary place.”