Watch: Tim Baker releases powerful new video for ‘The Eighteenth Hole’

A cinematic video for Baker's heartbreaking track

Former Hey Rosetta! frontman Tim Baker has released a powerful new video for his heartwrenching track, “The Eighteenth Hole.”

The cinematic clip was shot in Newfoundland by Adrian Vieni and Amos Le Blanc, and it follows the story of a love-torn relationship.

“‘The Eighteenth Hole’ is an intimate study of human emotion and connection,” Vieni explains in a statement. “It acts as a time capsule, capturing the profound impact others have on us throughout our lives, and the shared experiences that connect us. With each moment, we’re reminded of the choices we’ve made, the trajectory we’ve taken, and people we’ve met that have shaped us into who we are today.”

Watch the video for “The Eighteenth Hole” below.