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Watch: Tirzah shares video for new track ‘Tectonic,’ announces forthcoming album ‘Colourgrade’

Tirzah has announced a new album called Colourgrade, which is set for release on October 1st via Domino. As part of the announcement, she’s shared a video for her new track “Tectonic.”

“Tectonic” serves as the forthcoming album’s opening track. The hypnotic tune truly sets the tone for the album, as it opens with eerie, unnerving instrumentals. As the song progresses, it transforms into a beat-driven bop.

Tirzah takes on a new, explorative sound with choppy, spoken word-style vocals. “This piece ‘Tectonic is from the new record Colourgrade that comes out later this year on October 1st,” Tirzah writes on Instagram. “It’s been a trip. Hope it resonates ! ! ! BIG LOVExxxxx.”

The accompanying Fleur Melbourn-directed video is just as captivatingly unsettling as the track. The disorienting video will take you on a journey with hazy clips of extreme closeups of a 3D animation of a human body. The new video was shot in Athens and features photogrammetry and 3D animation from Tonio Mundry, Mind & Image.

Watch the video for “Tectonic” below.

Colourgrade, which marks the follow-up to Tirzah’s 2018 debut album, Devotion, is all about “recovery, gratitude, and new beginnings.” Tirzah recorded the 9-track album just after her first child was born and shortly before the birth of her second. With today’s preview of “Tectonic,” it seems like this album will stray from the sounds of her debut, as Tirzah explores new, genre-bending sonic territory.

Tirzah recorded Colourgrade with her frequent collaborators, Mica Levi and Cobey Sey. The album will be released on Domino Record Co. It’s set to feature some amazing previously released singles called “Send Me” and “Sink In.”

Check out the tracklist for Colourgrade below.
Colourgrade Tracklist:

01 – “Tectonic”
02 – “Hive Mind (feat. Coby Sey)”
03 – “Recipe”
04 – “Beating”
05 – “Sleeping”
06 – “Crepuscular Rays”
07 – “Send Me”
08 – “Sink In”
09 – “Hips”

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