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Watch: TOLEDO’s new video for ‘Dog Has Its Day’ follows the lives of some human-sized dogs

Brooklyn duo TOLEDO have shared a video for their Jockeys of Love track, “Dog Has Its Day.”

The new video channels the nostalgic feeling of home videos, as it follows a group of humans in dog costumes. Specifically, the clip looks at a “dog” named Rusty, and explores its relationship with intimacy. Packed with perfectly peculiar clips of these human-sized dogs going about their day, this quirky video is sure to plant a smile on your face.

“The ‘Dog Has Its Day’ video puts a literal spin on the track’s title and tells the sob story with actual dogs this time around,” TOLEDO explain of the video. “Our good friends Ashley Plante and Alex Sandman were able to blend the humour we frequently use in our personal lives with the inherent melancholy of the song. Working with friends always opens that door to a deeper understanding of the material. They know we are fans of stupid puns but also of through lines – if you look closely you’ll see that Randy the Dog is working on the stop motion for our ‘You Won’t’ video.”

Watch the video for “Dog Has Its Day” below.

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