Watch: Tom Cruise’s latest ‘Mission Impossible’ stunt is totally bonkers

Who hasn't driven a motorcycle off a cliff at 58?

When Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005 and jumped on her couch pumping his fist while declaring his love for Katie Holmes, people said he’d gone off the deep end. So Cruise seemingly says, ‘oh you think that’s crazy?? Wait until you see me attempt to die while filming the next four Mission Impossible movies.’

It looks like Cruise hasn’t been slowed down by the ongoing pandemic, as new footage has surfaced of the actor’s latest stunt for Mission Impossible 7. Check out Tom Cruise, at the age of 58, ride a motorcycle off a ramp over the edge of the Helsetkopen mountain in Stranda, Norway, while be chased by a helicopter.

Details on the next instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise are scarce at the moment, but it appears as though we can expect the same commitment to living unafraid of death as we’ve come to expect from Cruise.