Watch: Tom DeLonge just shared an animation of his children’s book and it’s about a man who loses his clothes

Feeling weird about 'Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes'

Tom DeLonge, ex-member of Blink 182, has just released an animation of his most recent children’s book, Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes.

The musician-turned-alien-hunter has made his way into children’s literature, producing dozens of stories and picture books over the last ten years. Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes, which was illustrated by Ryan Jones, was released in October 2018, and it has now been turned into an animation by Zach Passero alongside a narration from DeLonge himself.

Check out the animation, which follows a man on a journey to find the thief that stole his clothes while he was in the bath, below.

“I thought it would be funny to write a children’s book about a man running around looking for his clothing,” DeLonge explained according to NME. “I actually started writing this one long before I published my first children’s book, ‘The Lonely Astronaut,’ but I wound up losing it. I was able to bring it to life again after a family member found it sitting in an old journal.”