Watch: Tongue Helmet drop buddy cop video for ‘Sunstroke’

Featuring Danny Miles of July Talk

Tongue Helmet, which features July Talk’s Danny Miles, have just dropped a buddy cop-themed video for their track, “Sunstroke.”

The Beastie Boys-inspired track is “a psychedelic ode to the maximalism of 70’s exploitation film,” according to a press release, and it comes accompanied by a shykids-directed video that sees a classic buddy cop story with a twist, as the officers hunt for an elusive, peculiar supervillain.

“Tongue Helmet’s music has a feverish and psychedelic quality to it, we knew the video needed to be equally trippy,” the band explained in a statement. “We’re huge Beastie Boys fans, and Spike Jonze’s iconic video for ‘Sabotage’ was a major inspiration but we also wanted to add something fresh to the tired ‘buddy cop’ tropes. I guess that ‘something’ for us was a sentient cactus-man.”

Watch the video for “Sunstroke” below.