Watch: TOPS share video for new track ‘Colder & Closer’

Their forthcoming album 'I Feel Alive' drops April 3

Montreal four-piece TOPS share video for new track “Colder & Closer.” The Mashie Alam-directed clip follows frontwoman Jane Penny as the visuals alter between normal shots and thermal colouring.

“Jane had this really amazing vision where she hoped to convey the feeling of being immensely close to someone,” Alam explains. “The choice of using thermal footage was made because we wanted to see, feel, and immerse ourselves into the varying temperatures of the body as it heats up, cools down, responds to tough, and feels alone. We created a movement composition that travels between a live action world and a thermal world! The idea was to explore the dynamic of being far (in the live action world) and being close (in the thermal world)!”

Watch the video for “Colder & Closer” below.

TOPS’ forthcoming album I Feel Alive drops on April 3rd.