Watch: Toronto indie pop artist GRAE releases powerful video for new track ‘Fade to Black’

The track comes off of her forthcoming EP 'New Girl'

Toronto indie pop artist GRAE has released a video for her new track “Fade to Black” off of her forthcoming EP, New Girl.

“‘Fade to Black’ was written from the perspective of me as a child,” GRAE explains in a statement. “Growing up with a parent who was absolutely beautiful, talented, free-spirited, smart and so extremely loving and caring, but watching alcohol addiction take over her life. This song is my real emotion, it describes real things that happened within that time and it was definitely difficult to write and record. I hope ‘Fade to Black can help those in similar situations feel less alone.”

“Fade to Black” is a melancholic track that revolves around a powerful piano line and processed drum beat as GRAE’s silky vocal lines take the lead. The accompanying video comes packed with home footage of GRAE as a child, juxtaposed with current clips of her walking through nature.

Watch the video for “Fade to Black” below.