Watch: Toronto Man Smashes Bar Window After Being Denied Beer

'That's what you get for not giving me a pint!'

A video of a frightening incident Sunday night at Queen West bar The Dime has surfaced online. The clip shows a man using heavy steel rods to smash a window at the front of the establishment. The man can be heard shouting “I wanted to come in here…That’s what you get for not giving me a pint! I want a f–king pint!”

Witnesses told BlogTO that three police officers managed to stop the man and remove him from the scene after strapping him to a stretcher. Watch video of the incident below.

Toronto Police confirmed that a 57-year-old man was arrested Sunday and transported to hospital. Sean Young of The Dime ownership group, The Warehouse Group, told BlogTO that they will not pursue charges for the estimated “couple of thousand dollars” worth of damages because he believes the man may be mentally ill.

“We definitely wouldn’t pursue charges in that case,” Young told BlogTO. “We just want him to get help. That’s the most important thing – ensuring he’s okay.”

Image via Pixababy