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Watch: Toronto pop queen Ralph releases video for ‘Looking For You,’ new EP ‘Flashbacks & Fantasies’

Today, Toronto pop queen Ralph has released her new EP, Flashbacks & Fantasies. As part of the release, she’s dropped a new video for “Looking For You.”

“I was stuck in traffic one day and the license plate in front of me read ‘LQQKIN4U,'” Ralph explains of “Looking For You.” “I took a pic and went into the studio with that as my inspiration. The words and the story just kind of evolved from there.” The accompanying video opens with a warm clip of Ralph chatting on the phone about dating in a coffee shop, when the man of her dreams walks in. As the video progresses, Ralph sings along to the dreamy track, lying in her bed and dancing in her room.

Flashbacks & Fantasies is a transgressive collection of pop tracks that explores themes of love and desire atop powerful synths, pounding drums, and silky vocal lines.

Watch the video for “Looking For You” and stream Flashbacks & Fantasies below.

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