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Watch: Toronto punks Bad Waitress share zombie-filled video for new track ‘Strawberry Milkshake,’ announce debut album ‘No Taste’

Toronto punk outfit Bad Waitress have announced their highly anticipated debut album, No Taste, which is set for release on September 3rd via Royal Mountain Records. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a video for their new single, “Strawberry Milkshake.”

“‘Strawberry Milkshake’ is a saccharine sweet, milky pink terror,” Bad Waitress explain. “On the surface it’s sexy and enticing – but there’s a poisonous sludge bubbling just beneath the surface. With a devious, pulsing chord progression, one hell of a drum fill and a zombie choir that commands you to ‘shake shake shake shake,’ it paints the picture of an all-American beauty pageant with buckets of blood as the cherry on top.”

The new track is a wailing punk anthem, with gritty, slow-building vocals until the track explodes into a guitar-driven, anthemic chorus. The accompanying Justin Singer-directed video is packed gloomy shots of zombies, interspersed with clips of Bad waitress performing in a colourful diner beneath strobe lights.

Watch the video for “Strawberry Milkshake” below.

This video has a Photosensitivity Warning.

No Taste is set to see Bad Waitress finding strength in mood swings, exploring a whole slew of themes and genres in just 10 tracks. “It’s good to listen to when you’re walking alone at night,” Nicole explains. “I get really anxious, but I feel powerful when I listen to this album, like I’m fucking untouchable. It’s basically a self-defense album.”

“There’s always a ‘fuck you’ to the man,” Kali adds. “The album is a rollercoaster. Every song takes you somewhere different.”

Check out the tracklist for No Taste below.

No Taste Tracklist:

01 – “Rabbit Hole”
02 – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”
03 – “Lacerate”
04 – “Strawberry Milkshake”
05 – “Manners”
06 – “Delusions Of Grandeur”
07 – “Standards”
08 – “Live In Reverse”
09 – “12 Years Old”
10 – “Restless Body”

Lead photo courtesy of Kate Dockeray.

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