Watch: Toronto raccoon climbs crane in what is obviously an effort to escape 2020


One Toronto raccoon has had enough of 2020, and it scaled a crane at Peter and Adelaide streets on Monday before attracting a crowd and earning the nickname “crane raccoon.”

The City of Toronto confirmed it had spoken to the Toronto Wildlife Centre, and that the raccoon was best left to find its own way down as a rescue attempt may scare it and cause it to fall from the crane. “Raccoons are expert climbers, and this isn’t the first time a raccoon has made its way up a crane. A trap has been set inside the operator cab and it will be well looked after when it finally gets bored of the view,” Toronto chief communications officer Brad Ross said via Twitter.

Check out crane raccoon below!

A rescue crew will only be deployed if the animal is at risk of falling on a pedestrian or damaging a crane. Have a time, little fella.