Watch: Toronto synth pop duo Featurette share video for moving new track ‘The Blame’

From their sophomore record 'Dream Riot'

Trigger Warning: Abuse.

Toronto synth pop duo Featurette have shared a video for their new track, “The Blame.”

The deeply personal, moving new song, which chronicles Featurette’s Lexie Jay’s experiences of abuse, as she sings lines like, “I’m taking all the – the blame, the blame/ I’m finished with this game – this game.” The accompanying Ian Angus and Lexie Jay-directed video comes packed with dark shots of Jay performing along to the track.

“Making this music video was both therapeutic, and unimaginably painful,” Featurette explain. “It felt like opening up an old wound, and finally cleaning it out all these years later, so that I could heal properly and wholly. I hope in making this others who have experienced trauma through abuse might begin to find healing as well.”

Watch the video for “The Blame” below.