Watch: TUNS Share ‘I Can’t Wait Forever’ Video

A homemade video from TUNS

TUNS have released a video “I Can’t Wait Forever’ and it’s filled with a whole bunch of fun clips of the band traveling through the Maritimes, enjoying the sights and eating doughnuts.

Matt Murphy making his way through airports as a ‘lonely traveler’, and enjoying a gummy worm donut. He soon meets another lonely traveller, bandmate Mike O’Neill, and they make their way together and soon find their other donut eating friend, Chris Murphy.

It started out with band member Chris recording on the road videos on his phone for fun, but after pairing the footage up with their song, they decided to make a video out of the clips.

In an interview with Exclaim! the band said Exclaim! “We were going to just run a snippet or two on our Instagram but Chris insisted there was enough footage to cover the entire song.” And we’re glad they did.

Check out the TUNS video for “I Can’t Wait Forever” below!