Watch Two Death-Defying Daredevils Fly Jetpacks Through The Skies of Dubai in 4K

These guys took Top Gun and made it so, so real

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Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet are one of the few people in the world with working jetpacks— and they have taken flying them to a fucking art form.

Rossy, a forerunner in the field of propelled-human-flight, created a custom jetpack that comes closest to what, at one point or another, we have all dreamed of soaring the skies in. The jetpack can maintain flight for up to 13 minutes at speeds between 180 to 300 km/hr.

Rossy and Reffet just released a sweat-inducing video where we can see them perform Top Gun-like maneuvers over the Dubai desert and its famous Palm Islands. At one point their wings pass so close together it is almost hard to watch. Let’s face it, this is probably the closest you will get to ever flying a jetpack of your own, but take this word of warning—after you watch this video, you might just need a few minutes to catch your breath.