Watch: Tycho releases new behind-the-scenes video about the making of ‘Weather’

Tycho explains what it was like to make his first full vocal project

Tycho has released a short film about the making of his most recent album, Weather.

The new album marks Tycho’s first full vocal project, and he had vocalist Hannah Cottrell, also known as Saint Sinner, sing on the tracks. Now, Tycho has revealed the process of producing Weather in his new video, The making of Weather.

“It was the perfect time to try something new after the trilogy of ‘Dive,’ ‘Awake,’ and ‘Epoch’ because I put everything I had into that period of my life,” Tycho explains. “Those albums in my mind were what I intended them to be. The next album had to be completely different and that was the vocals.”

Watch The Making of Weather below.