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Watch: U.S. Girls’ Dorothea Paas announces solo album ‘Anything Can’t Happen,’ shares video for title track

U.S. Girls, Jennifer Castle, and Badge Epoque Ensemble’ Dorothea Paas has announced her forthcoming album, Anything Can’t Happen, which is set for release on May 7th, 2021 via Telephone Explosion Records. As part of the announcement, she’s shared a video for the title track.

The highly anticipated forthcoming album is finessed and mature for a debut release, as each of the tracks have been transformed over and over again, making for a complex, evolutionary release. The lead single, “Anything Can’t Happen,” is a perfect preview of that complexity, as Paas sings a sort of meditation on trust in relationships, in yourself, and in the future, all beneath a slew of different emotions.

“These uncertainties remain in tension,” Paas explains of the track, “so that you can decide what you want the song to mean based on how you’re feeling. I hope that this song facilitates some cathartic surrender to the fact that there is so much we can’t control or resolve. There is not only feat but also possibly hope in the idea that we don’t know what is coming.”

Watch the video for “Anything Can’t Happen” below.

The accompanying Ryan Al-Hage-directed video, which was funded in part by FACTOR, is packed with cinematic shots of Paas performing in various locations in Niagara Falls.

“Ryan and I met several times, bouncing a few ideas back and forth, and then one day on a walk in Dufferin Grove (Toronto) I said, ‘my other idea is: Niagara Falls’ and Ryan said ‘I love it,’ and it was settled; we went the next week,” Paas explains of the clip. “Ryan brought up the films of Wong Kar-wai as an inspiration and suggested a similar approach: pck a location and let the other details emerge from the setting. I love the model of improvisation within a structure in my musical practice, and also like how this approach mirrors and multiplies the many possible interpretations of the song’s lyrics.”

Check out the tracklist for Anything Can’t Happen below.

Anything Can’t Happen Tracklist:

01 – “One”
02 – “Anything Can’t Happen”
03 – “Container”
04 – “Closer to Mine”
05 – “Interlude”
06 – “Waves Rising”
07 – “Perfect Love”
08 – “Frozen Window”
09 – “Running Under My Life”

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