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Watch: U.S. Girls’ Dorothea Paas shares video for intimate new track ‘Container’

U.S. Girls, Jennifer Castle, and Badge Époque Ensemble member Dorothea Paas is set to release her debut album, Anything Can’t Happen, on May 7th via Telephone Explosion Records. Today, she’s previewed the collection with a video for her new track, “Container,” which is inspired by Karen Dalton’s “Something on your Mind.”

“Container,” which follows the release of the album’s title track, is a soft, intimate single that revolves around a beautiful guitar line, as Paas’ subtle, yet captivating vocals take the lead. The accompanying Ryan Al-Hage-directed video sees Paas front and centre, as she sings along to the track in a bleak park, hair blowing in the wind, before she begins spinning around in the sunset.

“I think of many of my songs as ‘love songs about not being in love,'” Paas explains. “[‘Something on your Mind’] has such a home in the main chord. I wanted my song to have a sense of ‘home’ to continually re-center the stream-of-consciousness lyrics that take the listener around the spiral. The chords and vocal melodies wander, but we always return to the warm C chord to move us possibly toward some conclusion, or maybe ground us as we move further into the question.”

Watch the video for “Container” below.

The highly anticipated forthcoming album is finessed and mature for a debut release, as each of the tracks have been transformed over and over again, making for a complex, evolutionary release.

Revisit the tracklist for Anything Can’t Happen below.
Anything Can’t Happen Tracklist:

01 – “One”
02 – “Anything Can’t Happen”
03 – “Container”
04 – “Closer to Mine”
05 – “Interlude”
06 – “Waves Rising”
07 – “Perfect Love”
08 – “Frozen Window”
09 – “Running Under My Life”

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