Watch: U.S. Girls release video for new track ‘Overtime,’ announce forthcoming album ‘Heavy Light’

'Heavy Light' is set for release on March 6, 2020

U.S. Girls have announced their seventh studio album Heavy Light, which is set for release on March 6th. As part of the announcement, U.S. Girls have released a track called “Overtime.”

The energetic new track revolves around a frantic guitar line, a clanging tambourine, and frenzied background vocals as frontwoman Meg Remy’s quirky lyricism takes the lead. The accompanying video sees a woman flinging herself on top of a metal table in what appears to be a workshop as the clip gets more and more trippy, with lagging movements.

Listen to “Overtime” and check out the tracklist for Heavy Light below.

Heavy Light Tracklist:

01 – “4 American Dollars”
02 – “Overtime”
03 – “IOU”
04 – “Advice To Teenage Self”
05 – “State House (It’s A Man’s World)”
06 – “Born To Lose”
07 – “And Yet It Moves / Y Se Mueve”
08 – “The Most Hurtful Thing”
09 – “Denise, Don’t Wait”
10 – “Woodstock ’99”
11 – “The Color Of Your Childhood Bedroom”
12 – “The Quiver To The Bomb”
13 – “Red Ford Radio”