Watch: VALE shares video for new Ian Ewing remix of ‘Without You’

A laidback remix of the catchy track

Barranquilla, Colombia singer-songwriter VALE has shared a video for the new Ian Ewing remix of “Without You.”

Ewing adds a new laid back twist to the track as the perfect send off before the holidays. “Without You” is a track about feeling distant from loved ones during the pandemic, so Ewing’s refreshing remix is perfect for the track, as VALE sings lines like, “Time is moving slowly creeping in on half-past two/ It’s far too late for me to face it/ Everything is nothing without you.”

“I feel like it’s the perfect song to listen to while driving, on the beach,” VALE explains. “This remix was so fun to make along with Ian. It’s got such a chill and pretty vibe and I hope it brings comfort to whoever gives it a listen!”

Watch the video for “without you (Ian Ewing Remix)” below.