Watch: VISSIA shares video for new track ‘About Moving On’

'With Pleasure' is set for release in Spring 2021

Edmonton singer-songwriter VISSIA is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album With Pleasure in Spring 2021, and today she’s shared a video for her new track “About Moving On.”

“‘About Moving On’ started out with this visual I had playing in my mind in slow motion,” VISSIA explains. “You’re at your favourite bar or pub minding your own business over a pint with friends, and the person who completely shattered your heart walks in. You can hardly breathe, hardly move, and the racing in your chest wants to escape from your mouth, but gets stuck in your throat.”

The accompanying Cassandra Paige-directed video really highlights the dreamy, meditative undertones of the track. The clip comes packed with shots of VISSIA making her way through a field, with a living room set up in the middle of it.

Watch the video for “About Moving On” below.