Watch: Vundabar release video for new track ‘Petty Crime’

Their forthcoming record 'Either Light' drops on March 13

While gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album, Vundabar have shared a video for their new track, “Petty Crimes.”

The dynamic new tune sees Brandon Hagen singing about worries over death, delivering lines like, “Caroline, I told you a lie/ This is no light but I’m afraid to die.” The accompanying music video was inspired by The Sopranos.

“Tony Soprano was an inspiration while we wrote this album,” the band explains. “He’s this simultaneously despicable yet endearing character who’s searching for meaning, desparately wants to change but is plainly doomed, so to channel a little Ton’ felt right. We wanted to create a sense of transition and anticipation, so we chose to use cars, motels, treadmills, pools and parking lots. They’re all liminal-in-betweens or places where movement doesn’t necessarily bring you anywhere.”

Watch the video for “Petty Crime” below.

Either Light is set for release on March 13th.