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Watch: WayHome Hints At 2017 Lineup With “Eggs”

The teasing has begun for WayHome’ 2017 lineup, and it comes in the form of “eggs”. The short film video was released last Thurs at their WayHome: Rewind event featuring Win Butler. Immediately after the event, an e-blast was sent out with the URL “wayhome.com/_____”

And as always, Reddit users figured it out and the URL is: www.wayhome.com/ifeelyou. There is another weird video there.

One Reddit user thought:

So I’ve watched it 25 times, there’s no visual words in the second video. I’m not sure if it’s another clue to get to Egg Video 02, or if that’s coming later down the road, and Egg Video 01 is just a stand alone bonus on top of the short film. I’ve tried the artists and songs I could pick out from the vid but so far haven’t had any luck.

Some are predicting that the teaser might suggest Depeche Mode. Read more on the Reddit thread here.


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