Watch: Weaves (Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions)

Weaves performs "#53" and "Walkaway" from their upcoming 2017 album Wide Open, live in the Stiegl Hidden Studio.

Their 2016 debut LP was just announced as a finalist for the Polaris Music Prize, and now Toronto locals Weaves are about to share their second album Wide Open (out October 6th, 2017.) They visited the Stiegl Hidden Studio to perform two songs from the upcoming record, “#53” and “Walkaway.” Check out the session:

Their debut was acclaimed for its unconventional approach to guitar pop and vocalist Jasmyn Burke’s unique delivery. It sent them on a 12-month tour which resulted in an “irrepressible burst of creative energy” and they immediately began working on a follow-up album.

“Playing so many shows people come up to you and maybe identify with a song, or just say that what you did brought them up in some way, and it made me think about the context and what it means to share your personal experiences,” says Burke. “Maybe I was hesitant to be more forward in the past but I think I needed to get over that. It felt right to try to represent my own experience in the world while knowing that everyone in my age group is poor or having a tough time with life in one way or another, so I was thinking about how to blow those feelings up into these kinds of songs. Blowing up a regular life into something like an anthem. In a way I was thinking about it like Bruce Springsteen, but my experience of the world couldn’t be less like Bruce Springsteen’s.”