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Watch: Weezer diss Pitchfork on new track ‘Tell Me What You Want’

Weezer have returned with a new Pitchfork diss track called “Tell Me What You Want,” which they premiered at an annual showcase for forthcoming video games called Summer Game Fest.

During the live performance, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo sings lines like, “This is a message that my manager wouldn’t approve/ After this song he’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do/ Don’t be influenced by an office full of dorks/ I won’t mention any names,” after which Cuomo coughs before saying, “Pitchfork.”

The track was made for a new game called Wave Break, which is “the world’s first skateBOATING game.” During the performance, the camera cuts from shots of Weezer performing, interspersed with clips of Wave Break that see cartoons skateboarding.

Watch the performance in full below.

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