Watch: Weezer share video for ‘High As A Kite’ alongside another new track ‘Living In L.A.’

'The Black Album' hits the shelves on March 1

Weezer have just dropped “Living in L.A.” and “High As A Kite,” which comes accompanied with a spoof music video. Both tracks appear on their highly anticipated forthcoming LP The Black Album.

“Living in L.A.” is a gritty track that revolves around electronically modified vocals and a bouncy acoustic guitar line. “High As A Kite,” on the other hand, is a more low key track that’ll make you want to sway, and the accompanying video is a spoof of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which fits the track perfectly and ends with the band destroying the set.

Watch the video for “High As A Kite” and listen to “Living in L.A.” below.


The Black Album hits the shelves on March 1st.