Watch Whitehorse Perform Live in the Stiegl Hidden Studio

Whitehorse performs "Nighthawks", "Boys Like You" and "Pink Kimono" from their 2017 album Panther in the Dollhouse, live for Indie88 in the Stiegl Hidden Studio.

Whitehorse returned this year with their new album Panther In The Dollhouse. On this record the duo took their unmistakable chemistry featuring Luke Doucet’s signature guitar tones and Melissa McClelland’s blazing vocals and pushed it into new musical territory. They still write songs as a team, and this time they also brought in some new producers, including beat-makers Like Minds who previously worked with Rihanna and Kanye West.

“Panther in the Dollhouse came from a series of dreams about wild animals in strange places. To us it’s the place where animal instincts and social conditioning meet. That’s a theme throughout the record, the fight between those two things.”

Watch Whitehorse perform three songs from the album live in the Stiegl Hidden Studio.

Full Performance:

Boys Like You


Pink Kimono