Watch: Wintersleep drops new animated video for ‘Forest Fire’

Wintersleep's animated video for 'Forest Fire' is visually stunning.

Wintersleep is known for their incredible songwriting and bold lyrics, as each album they produce is different and stands out on its own, cinematic in tone and space. The new record In the Land Of is paired with creative music videos that serve as an expansion of their lyrics and themes that is in their music.

Now, Wintersleep has collaborated with award-winning filmmaker Christopher Mills, who has worked with Modest Mouse, Interpol and more. Their music video for “Forest Fire” stands out because it is entirely animated and sees mother nature as the star. The director explains that they wanted to create the feeling of a stage play on a grand scale where mother nature conquers by releasing winds, rain, and fire. It is a theatric narrative of random events that occur to a little town that ends up on fire.

Watch Wintersleep’s video for “Forest Fire” below.