Watch: Wintersleep Takes on Donald Trump Speech for “Amerika” Video

Wintersleep shares deeply moving visual piece for "Amerika"

For many, the future of the USA at the hands of Donald Trump is an unsettling thought — even for Canadians.

While Wintersleep’s “Amerkia” sits comfortably at No. 1 on the Canadian rock charts in it’s sixth consecutive week, the band has shared a stunning visual component to their recent The Great Detachment single.

Watch the video in the player above.

Partway through the seven-minute video during a lull in the song, filmmaker Scott Cudmore incorporated a speech of Donald Trump talking at a rally about how America “doesn’t win” anymore. But the film doesn’t attempt to point out flaws in political rhetoric, rather it is used to highlight the ongoing theme on an uncertain future.

Flaming comets falling from the sky, terminal illness, deteriorating love — all things must end; a theme that Cudmore comes back to again and again.

The video matches lyrics from “Amerika”, of which frontman Paul Murphy based off the Walt Whitman poem, “America”. The idea is based on the change of values that moves from one generation to the next.

Cudmore, who penned the video’s opening monolouge, explained his rationale to Mic:

“The song made me think of civilizations that have come and gone in a way. Nations that have fallen from a kind of ‘golden age.’ So the opening reflects that idea. And Trump does too. But to me the video isn’t explicitly political. It’s about people and how we connect with one another, especially if we recognize that our time is finite.”